Using the Cloud

Cloud computing is simply the act of utilizing a network, usually the Internet, to store information that you want to access from multiple network devices. By utilizing The Cloud, you can get to any of your uploaded information anywhere you have access to the Internet.

Google More Than a Search Engine

Google is probably best known as a search engine, since that’s how it started out. But today, Google provides many different services you can use to perform various tasks at home or at work. To use these services, like Gmail or Google Calendar, you’ll need to create an account so Google has a place to save your data and settings.

Popular Google services

You’ve probably conducted a Google search before—you may have even done thousands. You may have also used the Google News search, Image search, Maps, or Translate. But Google has many, many more services you can use. In order to use them, you’ll first need to sign up for a Google account.

An infographic summarizing Google services