Laguna High Greenhouse Project

Students learn by doing and raise food at school

The students at Laguna High School are kinesthetic learners, that benefit from a hands on approach to learning.  The greenhouse will provide a forum for teaching biology, chemistry, mathematics, engineering, finance, and art through growing projects that incorporate all of these skills in a practical way.

The Rotary Club of Sebastopol Sunrise is spearheading a project to build a greenhouse for the students at Laguna High School in Sebastopol, CA, USA.

To the right is a picture of the greenhouse site.  It is a perfect site for a greenhouse that would support many of the agriculture projects that have been ongoing at the school for some years. In the background are raised beds filled with vegetables raised by the students.  To the right is construction of compost bins and the foreground is the planned site for the 18 X 24 foot greenhouse.

DONATE NOW! – We have raised $5,500 and need 2,500 more to complete the project funding. Click here to contact us for details.